Welcome to the 4th Postcrossing Adventure to the Åland Islands in June 6-8, 2019! You will enjoy three full days of not only about postcards, but also unique and amazing Åland views and sceneries and you will taste a huge variety of local delicacies. 2019 is a special year, because Åland Post will issue an official Postcrossing stamp. We will be the core part of the publishing event! Read the trip programme below and join this once-in-a-lifetime Postcrossing experience!


We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you participate the whole adventure from/to Turku, Finland. The cruise, and onboard Postcrossing Meetup are important part of the program and socializing.

If you are coming from Sweden (and therefore not participating cruises from/to Turku), or otherwise participating only the meetup and stamp publishing on Friday, please notice that it is a public event and can be participated without registration. If you want to participate the Postcrossing dinner on Friday evening, please contact info@postcrossingfriends.fi to reserve a place.


Travel Programme


For those who are already in Turku a day before departure (Wednesday, June 5), we will arrange an unofficial Postcrossing Warmup Meetup at restaurant of the Hotel Seaport, Turku. The hotel is located right across the street of the Viking Line Terminal.

Onboard Postcrossing Meetup at the Baltic Sea

Aland 2019 - Amorella Postcrossing Meetup

The adventure starts from the Viking Line Terminal in Turku on early Thursday morning. When you arrive to harbor to pick up your tickets, you will get also a Goodie Bag. Right after boarding to the ship, we take our goods to cabins (one shared cabin for each four person) and go to the Auditorium at M/S Amorella’s restaurant deck (deck 8). We get to know each other a little bit better, and of course we write postcards. Tour leader plays the Postcrossing bingo, where everyone wins something. If you want something exotic for your postcards, you can drop some of them to Amorella’s mailbox. Cards will be stamped not only with Amorella’s own ship postmark, but also by Navire postmark in the port city (you can use stamps from Finland, Sweden or Åland). Complimentarty coffee and fruits during meetup (included).

After the meetup there will be a delicious two course lunch at Á la carte restaurant (included). While enjoying the food you can enjoy the spectacular archipelago scenery. We arrive in Mariehamn in the early afternoon. We will walk to (650 meters, 10 minutes) and take rooms from Hotel Cikada (picture tour).

1st Mariehamn Postcrossing Meetup

Aland 2019 - Badhuspaviljongen

Right after check-in to the hotel, we will take our postcards and walk across the street to the Badhuspaviljongen, a beautiful and big venue in the middle of the park surroundings owned and run by Åland Islands Yacht Club. We will continue our meetup there to prepare our postcards for Friday’s big event – the publishing of Åland’s own Postcrossing stamp. Complimentary coffee/tea (included).

First touch to Åland delicacies

In the early evening the group will be divided in two (according to everyone’s choices on registration). Two buses leaves from the hotel to two destinations.

Aland 2019 - Stallhagen

The first group will travel to Stallhagen Brewery. The group will have there a short presentation to Åland’s own beers, a guided beer-tasting with food tastes from Åland. The evening ends to an absolutely tasty dinner.

Aland 2019 - Smakbyn

The other group will travel to Smakbyn food paradise which is run by Michael “Micke” Björklund, one of the best known chefs in Scandinavia. Smakbyn has also its own distillery. First the group will have a presentation of Smakbyn liqueurs together with tasting them with local savories. The evening ends to a mind-blowing dinner.

The first travel day ends around 22 o’clock.


Excursion to the Province

After energizing ourselves in a hotel breakfast the group will divide in two again. Today is The Day because of the issuing of Postcrossing stamp, but first we will see some other places in Åland Islands.

Aland 2019 - Eckerö Mail and Customs House

The first bus takes us early morning towards Eckerö. A professional guide is with us and tells us about Åland Islands, Mariehamn and Eckerö. The group will visit a historical Eckerö Mail and Customs House. It houses a postal museum and a gallery. And of course, there is also a mailbox for the mail to be cancelled by a special pictorial cancellation. After the museum visit we will drive to Bettys Restaurant and we will enjoy tasty fish soup and famous Åland’s pancake as a dessert (included).

Aland 2019 - Amalia's Lemonade Factory and Pellas

The second bus will take the group to totally opposite direction towards Lemland. First we will visit Amalia’s Lemonade Factory, which is well known of its handmade lemonades, which are made of natural ingredients only (no artificial ingredients or colors). We will have also a lemonade-tasting. From Amalia’s we will continue to the farmer-shipping homestead of Pellas for a guided tour and lunch. We will have fish soup and famous Åland’s pancake as a dessert (included).

Both groups return back to Mariehamn early afternoon for the Big Event.

Issuing of the Postcrossing Stamp

Aland 2019 - Postcrossing Stamp

It’s time to see how the new official Postcrossing stamp really looks like! And of course use it on our hundreds and hundreds of postcards. We will join the official publishing festival arranged by Åland Post. The venue is the very same we already spent few hours a day before, the Badhuspaviljongen right next to our hotel. Official maximum card and First Day Cover available as well as postcards. Two different Postcrossing-theme special cancellations available. Possibility to buy also other ålandic stamps. Complimentary coffee/tea (included).

Celebrating the Postcrossing Stamp

Aland 2019 - Soltuna, Geta

The important day will end to an amazing Postcrossing dinner. Now we will take our two buses to very same directions, to Geta. We will go to the Åland’s highest located restaurant, Soltuna. In the middle of the nature, with amazing views opening to the sea, we will enjoy a super delicious buffet dinner of local delicacies (included) to celebrate the newest addition to the Postcrossing themed stamps. You can also walk and climb to the nearby observation tower to see even better the surrounding environment.

Buses will be back to Mariehamn later in the evening and stop by at Indigo Bar, where those who want may continue celebrating the day.


Åland is About Sea And Ships

Saturday is our final adventure day, but not at all less what comes to activities.

Åland 2019 - Åland Maritime Museum and Pommern

Today we have a chance to experience and discover the Åland Maritime Museum and Tall Ship Pommern. Very conveniently, the museum and Pommern is located across the street from our hotel.

Pommern was closed to visitors on October 2016 and it will open again in May 2019, just two weeks before our visit! So we will have a chance to be among the very first visitors to see and visit this amazing ship, a landmark to Mariehamn and Åland Islands.

Alternatively, those who want can spend our last hours in Åland Islands exploring the city of Mariehamn by their own.

Cruise Back to Mainland Finland

Our return journey begins in the afternoon from the western harbor of Mariehamn on M/S Viking Grace. Onboard there is an own cabin for every four persons. After departure will enjoy a super delicious Viking Buffet dinner (included). Viking Grace also has a mailbox. Again, if you drop your cards into it, you will get not only the Navire postmark, but also Grace’s own ship postmark. We arrive in Turku a little before eight o’clock in the evening.


Detailed Itinerary


08:30Transfer to M/S Amorella. Baggage to cabins. Take your meetup materials with you.
08:45M/S Amorella departs from Turku Port to Mariehamn, Åland Islands
09:00-12:00Postcrossing at Sea Meetup at M/S Amorella Auditorium, Deck 10

- Words of welcome, Postcrossing Bingo, lottery
- Complimentary coffee/tea and fruits
12:00-14:00Á La Carte lunch, deck 8

- Toast Skagen
- Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder OR Pan-Fried Salmon

14:10Arrival to Viking Line Terminal, Mariehamn, Åland Islands, walk to the hotel (700 meters)
14:30-15:00Check-in to Hotel Cikada
15:00-17:30Postcrossing In Åland Islands Meetup in Badhuspaviljongen, Mariehamn (next to hotel)

- Complimentary coffee/tea
18:00Buses leave from the front of the hotel

Bus Group 1 to Stallhagen Brewery, beer tasting and dinner

- chef's menu from fresh incredients

Bus Group 2 to Smakbyn, liquor tasting for one group, and a private guide tour in Kastelholm Castle to another group, after which joint dinner for both groups

Åland Sea and Land Menu
- Cold-smoked salmon from Föglö, unripened cheese and herbs, cucumber and roe
- Lamb in two ways, roasted garlic sauce, mushroom and vegetable ragout, potato gratin
- milk chocolate cream, rasberries and house sorbet
22:00Return to the Hotel Cikada


07:00-08:30Breakfast at the hotel
08:30Buses leave from the front of the hotel

Bus Group 1 to Eckerö Mail and Customs House, dinner at Bettys Restaurant

- Fish soup, Åland's pancake

Bus Group 2 to Lemland, Amalia's Lemonade Fabric, where lemonade tasting, and then to farmer-shipping homestead of Pellas for dinner

- Fish soup, Åland's pancake
14:00-16:00Postcrossing Stamp Issuing Event by Åland Post, Badhuspaviljongen (next to hotel)

- Complimentary coffee/tea
17:30Buses leave from the front of the hotel to Geta, towards Soltuna Restaurant, Postcrossing Celebration Dinner

- We stop by at Åland Post Headquarters, Sviby, for a group photo

Postcrossing Dinner Buffet
- boiled potatoes, 2 kinds of herring, smoked salmon, vegetarian pie, toast skagen, green sallad, bread, butter
- beef steaks and pork fillet
- oven baked salmon
- pepper sauce, red wine sauce, bearnaise sauce, aioli
- potato gratin
- potato wedges
- warm vegetables

Postcrossing Dessert Buffet
- bucktorn pannacotta
- chocolate brownie with cream
- lemon mousse
- coffee
22:00Buses return to Mariehamn, first stop at Bar Indigo, where those who want may continue evening


07:00-09:00Breakfast at the hotel
09:15Visit to Åland Maritime Museum and Tall Ship Pommern (next to hotel)

- 9.30-10.00 lecture at Åland Maritime Museum auditorium, after which museum tour independently
- Free program in Mariehamn until early afternoon
14:00Transfer to the ship, taking our baggage to cabins. Be in terminal by 13:45!
14:25M/S Viking Grace departs to Turku
15:00-17:00Viking Buffet Dinner, deck 10
17:00Closing Party of our Adventure, auditorium, deck 9

- Sparkling wine, coffee/tea, fruits
- Auditorium available until 19:30, free program
19:50Arrival to Viking Line Terminal, Turku Port

Price incl.

  • Postcrossing Adventure Goodie Bag

  • Cruise tickets Turku – Mariehamn – Turku

  • Accommodations in shared cabins onboard M/S Amorella and M/S Viking Grace (cabins have toilets and showers)

  • Á la carte lunch onboard M/S Amorella

  • Accommodation for two nights at Hotel Cikada on single room or double room

  • Breakfasts (2) at Hotel Cikada

  • Postcrossing meetup onboard M/S Amorella with complimentary coffee and fruits

  • Tasting and dinner at either Stallhagen or Smakbyn (chosen on registration)

  • Visit to either Eckerö Mail and Customs House or Amalia’s Lemonade Factory (chosen on registration) and lunch

  • Postcrossing meetup at Badhuspaviljongen, Mariehamn with complimentary coffee/tea

  • Postcrossing dinner (buffet) at Soltuna Restaurant, Geta

  • Buffet dinner onboard M/S Viking Grace

  • Introduction to Åland Islands, Mariehamn and destinations by a professional local guide

  • Entrance fees to places we visit

  • Chartered bus transportations in Åland Islands

Price depends on Association membership, chosen accommodation and chosen excursions. Prices begins from 324€ including everything (you don’t need to buy any meals). Prices are calculated real-time on registration form depending on your choices.

Good to Know

  • Registration for extra seats begins on Saturday, January 19 at 7pm EET and ends in April 1 at 12pm EET or when all places are reserved.

  • Places are filled in the order of registration. Registration is confirmed only by paying a registration fee of 20€. Registration fee is non-refundable but will be fully credited from final travel fee.

  • The trip can be paid by instalments, and must be paid in full by May 1.

  • If the cancellation is made later than 3 weeks before the trip, we will not be able to refund the fee. In cancellations, we reserve 50% of the cost of the trip to cover our costs, unless a new passenger can be found to replacement, then we will refund 100%. In cancellations which are made earlier than 3 weeks before the trip we charge a 25€ office fee.

  • If you need an assistant, you should take care of the presence of your personal assistant by yourself and pay necessary fees. The association is not able to provide any help.

  • Everyone is responsible for their own personal travel insurance themselves. The group does not have a common travel insurance policy.

  • It is recommended to order meetup postcards before the trip to ensure the amount you want and that you can prepare them before trip if necessary. The pre-order possibility will be opened when the picture of the meetup card is selected.

  • Marko Kulmala, chairman of the Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association, travels as the tour leader: +358 40 1940 404 / info@postcrossingfriends.fi. In Åland Islands we are assisted also by a local postcrosser and association member Hannele Ögård-Forsman.